In need of a skip trace?

Is someone giving you the slip?  At Legal Beagles, Inc., we relentlessly track people down and serve them.  Our experienced skip-tracers have been very successful in locating people who prefer not to be found.  Legal Beagles, Inc. has the latest technology and direct access to some of the largest databases available.  Coupled with our experienced skip tracing team, we can and will obtain for you the most up-to-date information available to assist in locating and serving those missing and hard-to-find defendants and witnesses.  We ask that you provide, at a minimum, the subject's name and last known address.

Accurate results

Accuracy is of the utmost importance if you are about to spend money contingent upon the results of a skip trace, so why not get the most accurate results possible.  Contact our office today.

Skip trace disclaimer

Please note that we do not conduct private investigations.  Skip tracing is performed solely for the purpose of service of process to locate and serve an individual witness or defendant.  Active service papers must be in hand in order for us to conduct any skip tracing.