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Legal Beagles, Inc.


Need a quick quote for service of process?  Contact us today.  We look forward to handling the service of your documents locally, statewide and throughout the United States.  We want to be your trusted source for professional legal services.  At Legal Beagles, Inc., we take pride in being professional process servers.  You can trust us to personally serve your time sensitive documents in a prompt and accurate manner for each and every job.  After service of process has been completed, fully-executed, signed and notarized Affidavits are provided to you for filing with the Court.

Do you need a document obtained from a Delaware court or a public record search performed?  Legal Beagles, Inc. is fully staffed with on-site, experienced and knowledgeable court record researchers who are well versed in the policies and procedures of all of the Delaware courts.  Trust our experienced researchers to go above and beyond in obtaining the information that you need - quickly and accurately..


Professional and prompt service of process throughout the entire State of Delaware.

service of process

In need of a skip trace to locate and serve an elusive defendant or witness?  We offer a full range of skip tracing searches.


In person public record searches performed on a daily basis in all Delaware courts and row offices.

public record searches

With fast turnaround and knowledgeable staff, we will obtain for you virtually any public record court document that you need.

document retrieval